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Flowers! Flores!

This week we continue learning about flowers. We painted with flowers. It was fun to see the different patterns and they use different shapes to create their representation of flowers. At the science center, we explored flowers. We counted petals; we observed the stem under microscope and learn how some insects use pollen and nectar from flowers. The children use drawings to represent what they saw. Our bean sprout and the children learned about the roots and how important they are to make the plant strong. We replanted our black bean to a cup. The children will keep watering them and record changes.  Esta semana continuamos aprendiendo acerca de las flores. Pintamos con flores. Fue divertidos ver los diferentes patrones y también usaron figuras geométricas para crear su propia flor. En la área de ciencia, exploramos las flores. Contamos los pétalos, observamos el tallo debajo del microscopio y aprendimos como algunos insectos usan el polen y el néctar de las flores. Los niños usaron d…

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Flowers! Flores!

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