A wonderful first day of school!

We had a fantastic first day of school! It was a day full of excitement and new experiences. What a great way to kick off a new school year. Everyone was happy and ready to get started. The children spent the day by exploring different learning centers and making new friends inside and outside of our classroom. 

Our last day! Nuestro ultimo dia!

Today was the last day of school. We can’t believe how wonderful this year was. We want to thank each family for letting us be part of your child’s first learning experience. We are going to miss them, but we are sure they are ready for the next step. We want to wish you well!
Hoy fue nuestro ultimo día de clase. No lo Podemos crear que maravilloso fue este ano. Queremos agradecer a cada una de las familias por dejarnos ser parte de su hij@ primera experiencia en la escuela. Vamos a extrañarlos, pero nosotros estamos seguros de que esta listo para el siguiente paso. ¡Le deseamos lo mejor!

Insects! Insectos!

The last two weeks, we learned about insects. The children counted and sorted insects. We learned about their anatomy and we found some insects on the playground. We can’t believe this school year is almost over. We are learning about kindergarten and how excited we will be. Also, we want to give thanks to the parents for being with us during our last parent-teacher conference. It was great to see all the progress. 
Estas ultimas dos semanas, aprendimos acerca los insectos. Los niños contaron y clasificaron insectos. Aprendimos acerca sus anatomías y encontramos algunos insectos en el parque. No Podemos creer que este ano escolar es casi se termina. Estamos aprendiendo acerca el kínder y que divertido va a hacer. También, queremos agradecer a todos los padres que estuvieron con nosotros durante nuestra ultima conferencia se padres y maestros. Fue increíble to ver todo el progreso.

Flowers! Flores!

We will spend the last three weeks learning about flowers. The children have the opportunity to plant seeds, observe them and learn about the germination process. The children used different shapes to create flower shapes. At the art table the children observed flowers and paint their representation. It was fun to observe the different colors and shapes. The children are enjoying writing and creating patterns.
Pasamos las ultima tres semanas aprendiendo acerca de las flores. Los niños tuvieron la oportunidad de plantar semillas, observarlas y aprendieron acerca el proceso de germinación. Los niños usaron diferentes figuras geométricas para crear flores. En la mesa de arte observaron flores y pintaron su representación. Fue divertido observar los diferentes colores y figuras. Los niños están disfrutando escribir y creando patrones.

Healthy Food! Comida Saludable!

We came back after a wonderful spring break. This week, we learned about healthy foods. The children have the opportunity to explore different vegetables and fruit. The children learn that our body need fruits and vegetables to fuel our energy. Th children used vegetables to paint and explore different patterns. We finished this week with a field trip to Marbles Museum. It was great to explore the different areas.
Después de unas vacaciones de primavera maravillosa. Esta semana, aprendimos acerca comida saludable. Los niños tuvieron la oportunidad de explora diferentes vegetables y frutas. Los niños aprendieron que nuestro cuerpo necesita frutas y vegetales que nos da energía. Los niños usaron vegetales para pintar y explorar diferentes patrones. Terminamos esta semana con un paseo al museo de Marbles. Fue una gran oportunidad para explorar diferentes áreas. 

Healthy food! Comida saludable!

We are learning about healthy food, but we also celebrated the week of the young child. This week was filled with different activities. On Monday, Ms. Amy taught us how to dance and move our bodies. On Tuesday, we had a special guest, Mr. Matt, he read to our class a great book “I Really Like Slop” and Ms. Tracy and Ms. Jennifer help us to prepare a delicious and healthy snack. On Wednesday, we learned about safety through a great puppet show. We learned about crossing the street and the importance of using a helmet. On Thursday, we decorated a pot and planted a flower and on Friday, we used each family handprint to create a beautiful flower that represents our school family. We want to wish them a wonderful spring week! 
Estamos aprendiendo sobre alimentos saludables, pero también celebramos la semana del niño pequeño. Esta semana estuvo llena de diferentes actividades. El lunes, la Sra. Amy nos enseñó a bailar y mover nuestros cuerpos. El martes, tuvimos un invitado especial, el Sr. …

Human Body! El cuerpo humano!

We continue learning about the human body. The children learned about the skeleton.  We learned that a baby has more bones that an adult. When we are born the bones are separate and they glue together through the years. Baby has 300 bones and an adult have 206 bones. At the science table, we learned the importance of bones and muscles. The children used straw and people to learn how bones hold our body. We learned that bones help our body move. We learned about our lungs. The children experimented with balloons and exercise their lungs. Also, We measure parts of the body. At the sensory table we learned about blood. We learned that white blood can make us sick and that we need to take medicine to prevent sickness. This week was full of learning. We decided to learn about healthy food. 
Seguimos aprendiendo sobre el cuerpo humano. Los niños aprendieron sobre el esqueleto. Aprendimos que un bebé tiene más huesos que un adulto. Cuando nacemos, los huesos están separados y se pegan a lo la…